How full is your cup?

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How full is your cup?

Have you ever found yourself feeling frazzled at the end of the day and wondering, how did I get here?  You seem to be running frrom morning til night with not enough hours in the day.  You lay your head on your pillow exhausted, thinking of all the things still left undone that will be waiting for you tomorrow.  

Maybe some of this, sounds familiar to you…….
You’re working a job you don’t like because it pays the bills.  Then, there is the discomfort of just barely making ends meet and the stress of how to handle it all.  Let’s not forget those intense and heated discussions with your spouse over the finances or lack thereof.  

Perhaps you feel like a taxi driver, transporting your children to and from school and sporting events.  Who plays games at 8pm and 9pm anyway?  Don’t they know you have to be up early for work tomorrow?  Then of course on the way home you hear, “Ummm, I forgot to tell you, I still have homework to do and I need help”.  Say what?!!!  Or maybe it’s the toddlers who aren’t yet potty trained, ask why every fifth word and the only thing they want is mom and dad’s attention, all the time!  Perhaps its the infants who still don’t sleep through the night so you drag yourself to work looking like a zombie as you haven’t slept in days or weeks.  

A day off from work, really, what’s a day off?  Isn’t that when you do all the things you didn’t have time to do during the week while you were doing everything else?  Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, the never ending pile of laundry, yard work, the honey do list.  All the while asking yourself, “Is this really as good as it gets”?  

Spouse, oh yea, you have one.  You don’t see them and when you do it is usually passing on information about what is going on with the kids, the finances, or upcoming events like birthdays, classes, meetings, church events etc.  Date night, what’s a date night?  

We all lead busy lives that seem to run in a many different directions all at once, and……

Life is all about CHOICE.  Life doesn’t just happen to you.  YOU get to decide how you manage it.  EITHER YOU MANAGE YOUR TIME, YOUR EMOTIONS, YOUR FINANCES, YOUR LIFE, OR IT WILL MANAGE YOU.  

If this sounds familiar, a little too close to home, if it feels like life is pulling you in a million different directions, then it’s time to stop and ask yourself, “what do I do to fill my cup”?  

If you continually pour out every day, but do nothing to fill your cup, then what exactly are you pouring out?  How can you really be pouring from an empty cup?

Stop for a moment and think of water.  Seriously, STOP for a moment, close your eyes, picture a full glass of water and notice what you see.  It’s refreshing, pure, thirst quenching, it brings life.  Most of us take water for granted.  Did you know that your body is made up of approximately 50 percent water and your brain is about 75 percent water?  Did you know that your body can only go 5-7 days without water and when your body has a 20 percent reduction in water, it results in death?  

Unless you are bringing something life giving into your life, on purpose, you will begin to wither, deteriorate, shut down.  You will find yourself in a place of apathy, just going through the motions and existing.  Then you will find that over time, you have shut yourself down to the very people you care about.  If you have gone more than 5-7 days in your life without filling your cup, you will find yourself trying to pour from an empty cup.  

Are you taking your life for granted?  What if water represented the energy, or passion with which you live your life?  Is this happening in your life?  Has there been a 20 percent reduction of energy and passion?  Are your relationships near death?  Are you feeling completely depleted and empty yourself?  

If you are feeling parched and need to quench your thirst, now is the time.

I know, some of you are thinking where do I begin.

When is the last time you went for a hike, took a hot bubble bath, went fishing or shooting, went horseback riding, got a pedicure, went for a run, got in a good workout, took 15 minutes for a time of prayer or meditation, spent a half day on a hobbie you love and the list is endless.  

The most important thing is getting started……DO SOMETHING!  

  • Stop and evaluate how full your cup is  
  • Be purposeful about scheduling time for yourself on purpose
  • Have coffee or lunch with a friend, share what you are going to do for yourself and hold yourself accountable
  • If you are still at a loss, contact me and schedule a session to get you moving forward

We would love to hear some of the things that have filled your cup! 

What is Passion?

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What Is passion?

Have you ever wondered why some people come alive?  Why they have a spunk in their step and seem to be in motion towards something?  When was the last time that was you?   What was it that put you into motion?  Perhaps it was the excitement of a new job, the anticipation of a vacation or trip, the exhilaration of a new love, the pursuit of a dream.  Maybe it was just the joy and gratitude of a new day!

The definition in Wikipedia is – Passion is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.

Is what makes you pop out of bed without an alarm clock!
Is what consumes your thoughts and makes it hard to focus on other things!
Is what puts a smile on your face and a bounce in your step!
Is what makes you magnetic and attracts people to you!

When was the last time you burned with passion for something?
When was the last time you tossed and turned all night waiting for the dawn of a new day to pursue your dream, your passion?

If you aren’t currently walking with a bounce in your step, living passionately, it is time to stop and take a look at your life.  Are you in the doldrums?  Are you just existing, going through the motions in your day to day life?  Are you bored in your relationships?

Now is the time to do something different.

It takes commitment on your part to find the pilot light and fan the flame of passion.  You can live a life of purpose.  You can live a life of meaning.  You CAN live a life of PASSION!

If you aren’t sure where to begin, getting outside of yourself is usually a good start.    Giving and gratitude are usually two things that will shift us the quickest.

5 things you can do to begin the shift:

  1. choose daily to write down or speak out 3 or more things you are grateful for
  2. read a book or listen to something positive and forward moving to shift your thinking
  3. take 15 minutes a day to dream build or visualize what you want
  4. hire a coach to begin going after what you really want